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Schoonheidssalon Zeewind


Beauty salon Zeewind has been located in the “old village” of Amstelveen since 1995.

​Zeewind is not just any beauty salon.

In addition to traditional treatments, we also focus on thalassotherapy, a treatment method that has a very revitalizing effect. Over the years, these thalassotherapy treatments have proven to be a very targeted method to get someone back on track.

” Thalasso is all about seawater and algae ”

Thalasso treatments are based on a combination of sea products: water and algae. They have healing powers and can also play a nice role in combating stress symptoms.

With stress you see, among other things, that muscles are cramped. As a result, the body cannot properly dispose of the waste. And when your body is full of those substances, you consume much more energy than necessary.

Algae have a detoxifying and detoxifying effect . In combination with the massages, you can dispose of waste products very well, so you immediately feel a lot fitter. ”

Stress and no time for a whole day of relaxing in a beauty center? Sea breeze can bring about that same degree of relaxation in just three hours. “If you build up the treatment properly, you don’t have to put people in the resting phase endlessly. That saves time. ”

Today, Zeewind is run by Hanna Hasnaoui, who flawlessly combines Zeewind’s many years of experience in Thalasso and more traditional beauty treatments with the latest techniques and products.

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