Nano Fysiotherapie – Kapelle

Nano Fysiotherapie - Kapelle


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Nano Fysiotherapie – Kapelle

In any approach to physical complaints such as (sports) injuries, movement restrictions, tendon complaints, rehabilitation after an injury or surgery, I have one goal: Clear recovery. These complaints can be pain, decreased strength, tension, stiffness or difficulty moving and using the body. They hinder everyday things, work, sports or hobby.

Each treatment with me lasts 60 minutes, which gives you more quality in a treatment. This means fewer treatments are needed and the goal is reached earlier.

Diagnostically I am distinct from the regular physiotherapist practices. I am trained in ultrasound at the highest level and view the body from the core and base. So start at the beginning and work your way out. Due to the many specializations of NaNo Phystiotherapy, the best treatment method can be chosen for a clear recovery.

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