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Essy’s Shooneid

Essy’s Schoonheid is de schoonheidssalon in Steensel onder leiding van Esther Maas. Haar salonruimte is ingericht met de thema’s natuur, dieren en landschappelijke rust. Voor haar is dat de ideale omgeving om de vele moderne behandelingen zelf uit te voeren. Ze heeft haar eigen visie en theorieën over schoonheid en behandelingen ontwikkeld. Uitgangspunt is acceptatie van het eigen lichaam en de kracht van het lichaam om zichzelf gezond te houden. “Je bent mooi als je gelukkig bent met jezelf, ook als deze niet perfect is. Schoonheidsverzorging doe je niet voor een ander, maar voor jezelf. Het is ook even een lekker momentje voor jezelf en dat is minstens zo belangrijk.”

Salon owner Esther Maas

Started with a mobile salon for teeth whitening
Esther Maas obtained her diploma as a beautician at a young age, but chose to work in the hospitality industry for seventeen years first. Entrepreneurial and energetic as she is, she decided to start her own mobile teeth whitening salon ten years ago. Whitening is still one of her main treatments. “But I do that with products that do not affect the teeth and mucous membranes of the mouth. I don't bleach with hydrogen peroxide. I use the natural products of the Oolaboo brand. ”

Salon and training center
She became increasingly convinced that she wanted to offer more beauty treatments and decided in 2017 to have a salon built next to her house. She already had her own theories about beauty care based on her own experiences and research. In addition, she saw young beauticians coming from the program who had the ambition to set up their own salon. “But you only really learn the trade in practice, from experienced specialists and salons. That's why I help girls set up a salon. I have already written down my knowledge in training books and developed courses. So in fact I am also a training center. The students come from all over the Netherlands, but I have also helped someone with a salon in South Africa, Bulgaria, South America and Morocco. ”

The lounge
Beauty salon Essy's Schoonheid in Steensel is a modern salon where personal attention is central to the treatments. She has tested and researched all of the treatments that Esther Maas offers in her salon to make sure they work and are safe.

Essy's Beauty represents Esther who is always called Essy. The salon is located in the Lange Reen in Steensel, in a very normal residential area. She had an outbuilding built next to her house for the salon. From the private car park in front of the salon there is a view over farmlands with animals. Esther managed to capture that atmosphere in her salon by furnishing the interior with rural elements. Visitors are welcomed by Esther herself with coffee or tea.

In addition to the rural furnishings with wood and rope and lots of flowers, it is immediately noticeable that the salon has only one treatment chair. Esther is a soloist and deliberately has no employees. "Customers come for me and have confidence in my way of working."

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